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Canada: The Land of Rich Diversity

As we celebrate our 153rd year of confederation, Canada Day is a time to pause and reflect on the many riches we enjoy as Canadians. From our long history of inhabitation by our indigenous peoples, to European colonization, followed by our present-day Canada; we have evolved to become a multicultural society marked by our peaceful nature and a welcoming home for immigrants from around the world.

Highly regarded as one of the best countries in which to live (ranked second in 2020 only to Switzerland), we are often cited for our quality of living provided by a strong, stable economy, universal healthcare and highly educated population. We have a business climate that ensures trade freedom, low taxation, investor protection and little corruption. With a highly skilled workforce, we attract some of the brightest minds from around the world.

We also lead the world in natural beauty with more lakes than the rest of the world combined. We are a mecca for travelers and nature seekers with our mountains, amazing landscapes and natural wonders on full display throughout our ten provinces and three territories.

Renowned for our world-class innovation, Canadians have made contributions that include such notable inventions as insulin, telephone, peanut butter, the electric lightbulb, hockey and basketball – just to name a few. We are often associated with maple syrup, butter tarts, poutine and beaver tails.

But perhaps Canada’s greatest strength resides in our commonly held beliefs that recognize the importance of equality, inclusiveness, democratic principles, economic security and social justice embodied in our national ethos of “peace, order and good government”

Our diversity is so important to Canadians that a special day (June 27th) is marked as a time to celebrate multiculturalism by recognizing the contributions made by different ethnic and cultural communities to the fabric of Canada. 

As one of Canada’s largest home services businesses, ZucoraHome is fortunate and values its relationships with customers, market partners and service professionals throughout the country. Our employees (known as “Zucorians”) represent 15 countries from around the world and speak a collection of 22 languages. You could even suggest that Zucorian diversity best represents the unique characteristics of Canada. 

We are indeed fortunate to reside in a land of such rich diversity. Happy Canada Day!

By Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes, President & CEO of ZucoraHome regularly shares insights about the Canadian home furnishings industry, changing consumer needs, and the transformation of ZucoraHome into a smarter living enterprise that leverages technology and professional home services to help families enjoy a better quality of life.

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