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Creating A Positive Customer Experience Through Empowered Teams

It’s no secret that when the success of your company is directly linked to how well you treat your customers, service excellence is the cornerstone of your business model.

With a nationwide presence and over 2 million active plan holders, our ZucoraHome customer solutions team is at the forefront of our operations.

In an environment where it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers, focusing on quality is what really matters. That means having a team of people who can deliver on that quality consistently, and empowering them to make decisions is an integral part of that process.

Our goal is to empower our team leaders, supervisors, and multilingual service agents to deliver quality customer service, and we back it up with our motto; we are customer obsessed.

Instead of pushing our customer solutions agents to complete calls within a certain time frame, we encourage them to get to know our customers by taking time to listen to their needs, and to maintain a customer-focused approach when solving problems.

From the initial training process, to ongoing support and communication, we want our teams to feel enabled to perform, to take ownership of their responsibilities, and to make a lasting, positive impression on our customers and partners.

We also want our teams to feel good about what they’re doing, but it’s about more than that. It’s about giving them the opportunity to lead the process, the freedom to come up with solutions, and investing in every individual so that they can reach their potential. This is what translates into our customer experience.

By fostering an environment of trust through open communication channels and supporting ongoing learning and development, we give each person an opportunity to become a leader, and recognize their efforts as well as their accomplishments.

Everyday, we encourage our team members to share their ideas, celebrate their success stories, and to take every opportunity to make a positive, ZucoraHome difference in every customer experience.

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