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Sleep & Allergies: Sleep Healthier With Bedding That Repels Dust Mites, Allergens & Bed Bugs

For those who experience allergy symptoms all year-round, it’s a constant battle with airborne allergens, and unfortunately, dust mites add a potent punch to the seasonal allergy struggle. 

It might come as a surprise that dust mites are found in bedding, multiplying the misery of seasonal allergies, and feeding on the skin cells that our bodies naturally shed as we sleep. 

Here are some tips for easing your allergy sensitivities and creating a healthier sleep environment.

TIP #1: Protect your sleep system

Create a cleaner sleep environment in every bedroom in your home with PureCare’s clinically proven 5-Sided mattress covers. Designed to fit like a fitted sheet around your mattress, the 5-Sided protectors provide a physical barrier against allergens, dust mites, stains, moisture, mold and mildew. 

For added protection, choose the Total Encasement Mattress Protector with 6-sided protection, MiteTight seams and locking zippers. Our clinically proven OmniGuard® Advance lightweight performance fabric is approved for all mattress types and won’t alter the feel or comfort of your mattress. 

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TIP #2: Get rid of your old pillow

Old pillows are a breeding ground for dust mites and what they leave behind. If you haven’t been using a pillow protector, it’s time. Start with a fresh pillow that’s equipped with the comfort features you need and pillow covers that provide a physical barrier against dust mites and allergens. Check out PureCare’s Body Chemistry and SUB-0 pillows, which also have added wellness benefits based on your body’s needs. Cover it with a pillow protector to create a barrier between you and the unwanted allergy inducing squatters that are responsible for those dark eye circles and stuffy nose.

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TIP #3: Keep your sleep environment clean

Keep airborne allergens at bay in your sleep environment by washing your bedding at least once a week, and more often if you sleep with the windows open. If you’re using PureCare’s completely washable 5-Sided protectors, you can wash and dry on hot settings for optimal sanitization. Although you might not want to wash your duvet covers as often as the rest of your bedding, throwing them in the dryer on high heat will remove dust and allergens between washes.

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TIP #4: Shower before you snooze

The pesky allergen particles that are making you crazy have a nasty habit of clinging to everything – including you. A quick shower, or better yet, a soothing bath before bedtime will help eliminate fine allergen particles and help clear out your stuffy sinuses. Try adding a few essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus to your bath water to aid in relaxation.

Relief is only a few healthy steps away. Learn more about the secrets behind healthy sleep at

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