Making it in the Digital World.

The Internet has changed everything. Do you ever get the feeling that information gets created, passed around and consumed so rapidly that we can’t possibly keep up?

Just when I think I’ve mastered LinkedIn, YouTube, Whatsapp and Facebook, along come new apps that promise to make my life easier, enrich my social connections and make me more money.  Sure.

I’ve never really been attracted to Twitter (despite it being the choice of a wayward President – maybe that’s why I avoid it) … and I still haven’t found the time to figure out Snapchat or Instagram.  

People in our company must chuckle when I send them an email at 3 in the morning – but that’s because they probably sent me a message an hour or so earlier. It’s become a game to see who doesn’t sleep the most.

I now have an Apple watch that tells me when I haven’t been active enough or when it is time to take a break and breathe deeply. It asks me if I’m running today and wonders if I’m OK simply because I chose not to go out in the freezing rain.  It notifies me when someone appears at the front door and tells me how long it will take to drive to the office. How did I possibly manage before?

I’m sure my visiting friends must marvel when I casually say, “OK Google, turn on the Christmas lights” and all the holiday decorations come alive. To amuse myself, I give Google the command, “Office On” and my study lights up. (I then have to go around and manually shut off the lamps I don’t want – good grief.)

My iPad is my go-to source for business news, emails, social media, music, and movies. I think I use it more than my phone and wouldn’t know what to do if I lost either one.  (I tried reading a newspaper a couple of weeks ago – but that was a fruitless exercise.)

I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t possibly stay on top of all the news. However, I find that my Flipboard app helps me consolidate news magazines and articles from multiple sources. (Nothing is more annoying than spotting a headline and wanting to read a story – only to be faced with a pay-wall telling me I’ve reached my limit of “free” articles.)

Despite the challenges and rapid evolution of the digital world, I still get excited when we use technology to design new ways to help our customers or when we develop simple-to-use tools that can make our employee’s lives easier.  For me, technology is a never-ending game of discovery.

Finding ways to apply technology and initiate change (rather than become negatively affected by it) is one way that helps us stay ahead. 

Making it in the digital world is also appreciating that we live in a constant state of change – what an amazing time to be alive!

By Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes, President & CEO of ZucoraHome regularly shares insights about the Canadian home furnishings industry, changing consumer needs, and the transformation of ZucoraHome into a smarter living enterprise that leverages technology and professional home services to help families enjoy a better quality of life.

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