Meeting Bottom Line Objectives Through Quality Customer Service

We often hear about the impact of customer service on the reputation of a business. With so much competition for customers in every industry, the quality of service has a significant impact on meeting bottom line objectives.

Having a customer-centric approach is essential to growing, retaining, and attracting profitable customer relationships. As we look to attract and retain customers in a hyper-competitive environment, we need our customer experience to be our competitive advantage. 

Customers are smarter than ever. They know that they have options, and they often do research and read reviews before making buying decisions. They rely heavily on recommendations from friends and family. They’re not just looking to do a business transaction; they want to feel cared about, and they want to align themselves with brands and organizations that share in their values.

Customer impressions start to form as early as the first time customers hear about our brand. It continues to be formed when they visit our website, read a review, see an ad online, buy one of our products, or are offered one of our services in-store through our retail partners.

There’s an opportunity to make an impact on customer experience in each of these interactions, and it starts with putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes. This is something that we hear often, but what does it really mean to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes?

For our Customer Solutions agents, it means having empathy. It means saying, if that were me, and I’m having this experience, how would I want to be treated? How can I show that I care, not just by saying so, but by truly listening and offering a personalized solution to each customer.

And it doesn’t just end there. Being customer-centric is about cultivating trust. It’s about acting with integrity. It’s about delivering on our promise, making recommendations, helping relieve someone’s hardship, and ultimately, building a foundation of loyalty in order to remain successful. 

Differentiating ourselves with quality service is what truly makes us stand out amongst our competitors. By putting the customer in the centre of our business strategies, profitability is the natural outcome. Instead of focusing on increasing revenues, we prioritize relationships, taking care of our customers, so they can take care of us. 

By Rebeca Lopez

Rebeca Lopez ZucoraHome

Rebeca Lopez, Director, Customer Success at ZucoraHome regularly shares insights about leading a dynamic team of multilingual solutions agents to deliver highly personalized customer experiences by empowering them to get to know each customer, listen to their needs and maintain a customer-focused approach when helping to solve their problems.

Recognized as an inspirational leader who appreciates the value of humour in the workplace Rebeca is a finalist for the CSPN Women in Leadership 2019 Employee Experience Leader Award. Read more SmarterInsights on our blog.

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