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SmartShip™ Delivers Big Value: A Drop-Ship Solution for Home Furnishing Retailers

Imagine growing sales while reducing the cost of business by carrying less inventory.

Determining the magic balance between having sufficient product to meet customer demand without overstocking slow-movers has plagued retailers since the General Store. 

When it comes to “building the ticket,” retailers know that additional revenue can be created by offering complementary merchandise to go along with the primary product purchases. But in the age of the Internet and drop-ship fulfillment options, is inventory for complementary items required? 

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In the world of bedding, for example, the addition of protectors, pillows, and sheets can increase the value of a customer’s mattress purchase and generate significant incremental margins. However, with such a wide range of new products available to bedding retailers, it can be challenging to predict which products to purchase for inventory to meet most customers’ needs. 

ZucoraHome has the solution. 

We understand that most retailers don’t invest in carrying every product in a collection, which can result in a lost sale. ZucoraHome is the exclusive distributor of PureCare, a suite of technically advanced bedding essential products featuring health and wellness mattress and pillow protectors, pillows, and luxury sheets.

With ZucoraHome’s new drop-ship program called SmartShip™ retailers can now access this innovative collection regardless of their size or location.

SmartShip™  provides retailers the opportunity to display sample PureCare bedding products in-store while enabling the retailer to order the product when needed for immediate delivery to the customer’s home. Alternatively, the customer can also use the retailer’s e-commerce website to place orders for direct delivery. 

The benefit to the retailer is no inventory to purchase, no warehouse space required, and no carrying or shipping costs.

With a broad range of PureCare product options available for immediate shipment, retailers can create an “endless aisle” of premium bedding solutions that contribute to increased sales and margin. Having the opportunity to test products through the SmartShip™ program can also help identify popular product trends to determine which products may be appropriate for carrying in-store for customers. SmartShip™ helps the retailer to know which product to stock while eliminating overstocking with products that languish on the shelf.

Delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions is how ZucoraHome helps Market Partners achieve success. 

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By David Cohn

David Cohn

David Cohn, Director, National Sales for ZucoraHome, combines his experience with an ongoing analysis of the market to anticipate industry and consumer trends, and to provide timely and effective protection and product solutions that align with clients’ business goals.

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